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Video Gallery
The following videos were captured by Lookout systems operating on customer vehicles.
Lane Changing
We don't always remember to use our signals when changing lanes. Lookout is there to remind us.
Distracted, Drowsy,
Lookout can help you focus on the task at hand: driving safely.
Fatigue Sequence
Lookout captured ten incidents within five minutes on the same driver (he collides with a guard rail in the ninth video). Clusters of incidents like this can point out drivers in trouble.
Too Close
Big rigs need lots of stopping space.
Too Fast
There's more to speeding than speed limits. Driving too fast for road conditions can lead to trouble.
Red Light Runners
Pay particular attention to the speed and horn indicators at the bottom of the videos.
Winter presents its own set of unique driving challenges.
We'll let these videos speak for themselves.
Unpredictable, sometimes troublesome, but always interesting.
Yes, they happen. Lookout can help you reduce accidents and their cost.
The Other Guy
People driving badly. Get the picture with Lookout.
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