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Roger Aucoin, Driver
Day & Ross Inc.
Forty Years on the Road

Day & Ross Inc.

I was approached by my Broker Relations Representative at Fastrax Transportation to put a Lookout camera system into my truck as part of a pilot project for Day & Ross. They wanted to see what kind of different safety situations we might come across while operating an 18 wheeler. I like the system, now after using it for a year. It is very powerful. It can tell you if you are driving between the lines of the road. The camera on the windshield will make a loud beep if you are over the white or yellow lines. The videos (and alerts) showed me that I was not using my signals when I was overtaking other vehicles. (I still do it, but not as often.) I find that the camera keeps you alert and it's a lot safer and a better way to drive.

Happy motoring and happy trails.

Robin Miller
RAM Contract Carriers

RAM Contract Carriers

What I saw with Lookout was a way to improve driver retention. Hiring drivers is expensive; we don't want to let anyone go if we don't have to. Lookout helps us see what is happening on the road so we know when drivers need help and now we can do something about it before they get themselves into trouble.

Things are running so much better now because we have better communication between our folks. Our operations and safety departments work closely together, focusing on the drivers who need the most attention. As well, the drivers understand how strict we are about enforcing our safety policies now that we can see how they're driving. In fact, once Lookout went on a few of our trucks, all our drivers became a lot more conscious of driving safely every day; it's worked out very well.

Based on the results we've seen with our drivers, we're convinced the improvement in safety outweighs the cost for the system. Lookout has helped RAM make our drivers better drivers. Our loss ratio has proven that investing in Lookout technology has made us a safer company.

Click here for an interview with Robin Miller (2 minutes)
Jeff Ferguson
Truck and Trailer Mechanic
RAM Contract Carriers

RAM Contract Carriers

Click on links below for videos (about one minute each):
Chris Lavigne
Lavigne Truck Lines

Lavigne Truck Lines

Lookout has proven to be a precise and reliable safety tool for our fleet. The detailed weekly reporting, with easy to understand visual and statistical data about our drivers and their driving habits was just the tool we were looking for.

The visual impact is tremendous. It has created awareness among our drivers about their driving habits. We are easily able to identify training needs and then monitor the training results.

Lookout assists in identifying issues and trends before they become major safety concerns. It is our eyes on the road, helping to keep our fleet of drivers professional and safe at all times.

Steve Tysick
Safety and Compliance Manager
Cassidy's Transfer and Storage

Cassidy's Transfer and Storage

We used Lookout to evaluate a new driver. Videos from his first drive showed some serious problems.

I worked with the driver using his Lookout videos to talk about his specific habits. The results were amazing. He fixed his problems and they stayed fixed.

The system more than paid for itself by preventing an accident that was bound to happen, plus we were able to retain that driver.

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