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For Trucking
Lookout for trucking was designed with the needs of Safety Managers and the Professional Driver in mind.

The Lookout Driving Safety System continuously views the road in front of the truck, capturing videos based upon driver activity and generating warnings for dangerous driving situations. Lookout automatically sorts out high risk events and emails summary reports to fleet managers.


Senior Managers
  • Instant visibility into the fleet's driving performance risk
  • Metrics to evaluate safety program results and control costs
  • Results to tie into the operation or company business plan
  • Idle and maintenance software that can benefit your eco/green fleet programs

Safety and Compliance Managers
  • Identify and correct unsafe driving habits
  • Safety Telemetry to connect incidents with specific roadways and driver behaviours
  • Utilize Lookout risk data and videos with your Simulator to run scenarios for roadways, location and incidents for driver-specific coaching and training
  • Ability to shift the behaviours of your existing driver base thereby improving overall safety and reducing costs
  • Warnings alert drivers to imminent danger
  • Evidence when not at fault
  • Data gathered by Lookout provides a foundation for coaching and mentoring between drivers and safety officers
To learn more about Lookout Safety Solutions for trucking please contact our sales team for a one-on-one presentation.
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